2014 Quilt Along: Punky-Wunkin Quilt

UPDATE:  Feb 6, 2016 -----------


1.  The 1 1/2 inch strips should be 2 inch strips of brown.  The 2 3/4 remains the same.
2. I have inserted the cutting directions into the "White" section on the cutting chart.   Please excuse the omission.  Interestingly, I ran this on my blog and no one noticed it.  Apparently I put it on the blog, but missed posting it in the PDF.  Thanks for noticing.  I have added two more rows in the cutting directions.  It says "For the large pumpkin corners, cut 1 strip measuring 2 inches wide.  Cut again into 8 squares measuring 2 inches square."  Also...
For the small pumpkin corners, cut 1 strip measuring 2 inches wide.  Cut  into 16 squares measuring 2 inches square."
3. I have updated the "For sashing" directions.  It says "Cut 5 strips 3 1/2 " wide.  1 - Cut 2 strips only into rectangles 3 1/2" by 12 1/2". 2 - Cut three strips for 33 1/2 " long.  Reserve for the top, middle and bottom sashing."
4.  I notice that I did not provide cut lengths on the Border Print.  I had "trim to quilt top" -- which drives machine quilters nuts.   I have change it to; "Cut 4 strips 5 inches wides.  Reserve these for the outer border.  Trim the right and left sides to 33 1/2 inches long.  Trim the top and bottom sides to a length of 43 1/2 inches long.

Hello Folks!

Here are the links for the free Punky-Wunkin Quilt Along.

All of the fabrics shown here are available through Connecting Threads--who sponsored this QAL.

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Part 4-Assembly With Borders and Sashing

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