Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I'm sure that wasn't the "Manufacturer's recommendations"....

Yay! It's off the frame and completed. I'm not sure what happened to my quilting machine head. I took it off the frame to put on a domestic machine. In the process, I removed the new presser foot and knocked off the fly wheel. Then, I hit it to put the fly wheel in. Fixed! It's no longer jammed! My hubs said, "It's working? Don't hit it again, you'll jinks it!" I'm sure its not manufacturer's recommendations, but I got my daughters quilt done!

Thanks for all of the comments on my last post.  I agree, I do enjoy reading the "story" behind the quilt and project that can be shared with blogging -- and agree it is missing on Instagram. :)

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Where did everyone go?

Well...I spent some time looking through my favorite blogs and discovered that no one is updating them anymore.

Where did they go?


So...I made myself an Instagram page...then found new blogs and "Linky Parties" to follow and updated my button column.

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In other news....."Big Bertha" -- my quilting machine bit the dust.  I took it in in march to have it overhauled.  While sewing last Saturday, the shaft in the fly wheel jammed and the crank came off.  It's done -- so my quilting blog may have to take a look at hand quilting for a while.


I was working on this quilt -- it has 20 blocks to do.  I completed 3 rows -- but not the 4th when the machine broke.  I'm not sure how to finish this quilt now.

They say "good luck" comes in 3's.  Does "bad luck" come in 3's?  My teenage son's car blew out a piston and needed a new engine, so we gave that vehicle to charity and purchased a new vehicle.  The following week, the quilting machine broke....and last week we got another teenage driver to insure at our house (that's a good thing -- not a bad thing). $$ to fix or buy a new machine.  I guess for now, I'll stick with my husband's quote: "Good thing...bad thing...I don't know!"

At least mom and grandma taught me how to hand quilt!

This is how I was quilting it.

Cross-hatching and feathers!

And...this is how far I got when the machine broke.
At lest I finished these two before it broke...nice edge to edge to edge.

This is the edge to edge pantograph from Urban Elementz called "Plumeria".  I can be downloaded for FREE here:

Thursday, June 13, 2019

9-Block Charm Square Sampler QAL Finish!

Well, it took me a few years, but I finally finished my 9-Block Charm Square Sampler, I started back in 2015.

Why did it take so long...well, when I started it, we moved to another county.  Then, I started a Master's Degree, then started teaching school again, then off again, then started  back up again...finished a few more endorsements until and finished some "loose" credentials...4 years later...I have a summer with time to quilt!

This quilt top was the closest I ever came to not completing a project once it was started.  At one point, it looked like "barf" -- literally!  One of my lovely children got sick in the night and threw up on the pile of quilt blocks (he was aiming for the trash can but didn't make it).   I had to soak, clean and then press...and re-press all of those seams.

Do you remember how careful we were at pressing perfectly to get perfect points?  Oh!  After washing them...that was a challenge to get it back!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Nordic Sweater Quilt Kit On Connecting Threads - Selling Out

Connecting Threads decided to make my "Nordic Sweater Quilt Pattern" into a Kit.

If you are interested, please click on the word "kit" above.

This is the Connecting Threads version.  It is a deeper red with swirls and a cream with swirls instead of white.

They started marketing it in September and sold out, so contracted a second purchase order for patterns.

I finally buckled down to buy the fabric for my kit and it arrived last night.  They only sent the red fabric -- no binding and no cream.  I called them today, and they have sold out of the cream swirl fabric and it is no longer being manufactured.  They settled on a nice cream lace fabric to swap it out, so I guess I don't get to make a quilt of their "real" fabric line.   Oh well!  I guess it will still work.

I'm glad it went so well.

After talking with me on the phone and finding out that I am the designer, they were really apologetic and said, "Please keep designing.  You do amazing work."

Thanks, I needed to hear that.  It's be a rough go for a while.

If I don't write before then...

Merry Christmas to you all!

This is my original quilt and design.  My oldest son has claimed it for his bedroom!

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Pattern Coming Soon! Scrap-O-Dealy-O Quilt

I am so excited!  In the upcoming issue of Make Modern Magazine will feature my latest quilt design!

Here are some pictures:

It is made using a Layer Cake.  I used "Miss Kate" from Moda Fabrics.

Image Courtesy of Moda Fabrics

Image  courtesy of Moda Fabrics

The layer cake I used.

The finished quilt!

My horse Rusty likes it!  Don't worry, the quilt was promptly washed.
I really enjoy the colors Bonnie and Camille use to make their fabric lines.  They make any quilt "pop" -- and with combining the ease of layer cakes, this simple fast quilt is a can't miss!

I quilted the project using Angela Walter's "Dot to Dot" technique from her Craftsy class.  The quilt turned out stunning!  Check out these close-ups.

I followed hte diamond pattern in the fabric on the borders of the quilt.  It was a lot of ruler work but the effort was visually rewarded.  I love the "Dot to Dot" technique and will use it again soon!

Enjoy & Happy Quilting!