Quilt Pattern Updates & Corrections

Punky-Wunkin Wall Hanging

Cutting directions

1.  The 1 1/2 inch strips should be 2 inch strips of brown.  The 2 3/4 remains the same.
2. I have inserted the cutting directions into the "White" section on the cutting chart.   Please excuse the omission.  Interestingly, I ran this on my blog and no one noticed it.  Apparently I put it on the blog, but missed posting it in the PDF.  Thanks for noticing.  I have added two more rows in the cutting directions.  It says "For the large pumpkin corners, cut 1 strip measuring 2 inches wide.  Cut again into 8 squares measuring 2 inches square."  Also...
For the small pumpkin corners, cut 1 strip measuring 2 inches wide.  Cut  into 16 squares measuring 2 inches square."
3. I have updated the "For sashing" directions.  It says "Cut 5 strips 3 1/2 " wide.  1 - Cut 2 strips only into rectangles 3 1/2" by 12 1/2". 2 - Cut three strips for 33 1/2 " long.  Reserve for the top, middle and bottom sashing."
4.  I notice that I did not provide cut lengths on the Border Print.  I had "trim to quilt top" -- which drives machine quilters nuts.   I have change it to; "Cut 4 strips 5 inches wides.  Reserve these for the outer border.  Trim the right and left sides to 33 1/2 inches long.  Trim the top and bottom sides to a length of 43 1/2 inches long.  
Nordic Sweater Quilt:

From the Red Fabric Cut:
Reserve the following for the Nordic Star Block:
·         Cut three strips measuring 4 7/8”” wide. Sub-cut these into 4 7/8” squares, yielding 24 squares. Cut these in half diagonally. You will need 48 triangles.
·         Cub 4 strips measuring 1 ½” wide. Sub-cut these into 12 red strips measuring 1 ½” wide by 15” long.
·         Cut 2 strips measuring 1 ½” wide. Sub-cut these into 6 red strips measuring 1 ½” wide by 9 ½” long.
·        Cut 2 strips measuring 1 ½” wide. Sub-cut these into 3 red strips measuring 1 ½” wide by 18 ½” long.
Reserve the following for sashing between the Nordic Star Blocks:
·         Cut 2 strips measuring 1 ½” wide. Sub-cut these into 4 red strips measuring 1 ½” wide by 18 ½” long.

From the White Fabric Cut:
For the Nordic Star block cut:
·         Cut three strip of white measuring 4 7/8” wide. Sub-cut these into 4 7/8” squares, yielding 24 squares. Cut these in half diagonally. You will need 48 triangles.

The second bullet-point for both colors under the heading
For the Chevron Blocks:

·         Cut two strips measuring 7 ¼” wide.  Sub-cut these strips into 10 squares measuring 7 ¼”.  Sub-cut these squares diagonally into quarters to yield 30 triangles for the flying geese unit.   This will create a 6 ½” length triangle.

Jelly Turnover Quilt Feature from Moda Bake Shop

In the sashing section: 

It should read to take 23 strips and sub cut them into 4.5 rectangles to yield 8 rectangles based on 40 inch wide useable fabric. (Jelly rolls usually comes in 45 length which is why you can cut 9).  And the pattern should not say 16 (I cut two strips at a time hence this error) rectangles per strip.  You will need 178 rectangles for the quilt (there will be 6 leftover).  23*8=184

Strawberry Field Layer Cake Quilt Update to Queen Fields Layer Cake Quilt Pattern

Hello, the Strawberry Fields pattern has been updated to add an additional Queen Size quilt layout (86" by 96")  which uses all 42 pieces of the layer cake.   Copies purchased prior to April 29, 2013, used only 29 pieces and created a finished quilt size of 75" by 75" with options to add an extra border to make it 91 inches square.  Additional fabric requirements for this layout is a 42-piece layer cake or 21 fat quarters. Pink print for sashing squares requires 1 yard, while cream print for sashing requires 2 yards and the outer border requires 2 3/4 yards.

The cutting updates are to cut 42 10 inch squares from the fat quarters (if necessary), cut 56 three-inch squares for the sashing corners, cut 24 ten inch strips from WOF then cut these into 98 sashing rectangles measuring three by ten inches,  For the outer border, cut along the lengthwise grain strips measuring 6 1/2 inches by 90 inches.  All other diagrams and piecing directions remain the same.

 Please excuse all of the watermarks on the images, it is necessary to post it that way on blogger so that no one steals my copyrighted images (it's happened before).  Here is the queen size layout:

Queen Size Layout

Queen Size Assembly Diagram


Depending on which revision of my Strawberry Fields Quilt Pattern you downloaded, there was an error in the cutting directions for the sashing for the quilt top measuring 72 inches square:

It said to cut 15 ten inch strips and then cut them into rectangles 3 inches wide.  This confused some readers.

To clarify:

Cut 15 three inch strips from the width of fabric, and then cut these into a length of 10 inches (4 rectangles will be yielded per strip for a total of 60 rectangles).
Lightning Bolt Layer Cake Quilt Pattern

There were two minor omissions in the Lightning Bolt Layer Cake Quilt Pattern downloaded from Connecting Threads and Craftsy prior to May 3, 2013.  The final/outer border's cutting directions and sentence telling this border to be added to the finished quilt were omitted.  Please excuse this error.

The cutting directions, second bullet under the "SORT" heading should read (one sentence is added): 
  • From the lengthwise grain of the red print fabric, cut four strips measuring 72 inches long by 4 inches wide.  Reserve these for the inner border.  Then cut four strips measuring 90 inches long by 4 inches wide for the outer border.
One line is also added at the end of the piecing directions, before the "QUILT AND BIND AS DESIRED" should read:
  • Sew on the four outer borders sewing the vertical border on first and trimming it square with the horizontal ribbon border.  Then add the top and bottom horizontal borders, squaring the corners of the quilt.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 


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