Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Scary Halloween Projects and KISMIF 27

Well folks, here are my projects.   I finished a Trick or Treat Halloween top, maybe I'll have it quilted by next year.  And I did complete the most important project--we made and "Elsa" dress for Halloween.  My little girl saw it almost completed--without the sleeves and squealed, "Oh my gosh!  I love it!"  She was so precious.  It was a great project to sew with her.   She chose all of the sequin trims, and fabric.  What a lot of fun!

I took these panels and fussy-cut them into quilt blocks.  These blocks had to have fabric added to them to make them fit a 12 1/2" setting.

Added orange sashing between the blocks and sewed on a fussy-cut strip border fabric.  KISMIF--a 3-hour Halloween quilt top.  It's cute--fabrics looks like they're appliqued, but they're not--just a panel.

My daughter as Elsa for Halloween in the dress we made.  We just couldn't "Let It Go!"  :)
KISMIF announcement:  Starting now, I will feature one of your quilts starting next month.  If yours is chosen, you will win a free PDF quilt pattern download of your choice--selected from my Craftsy store.

Now it's your turn to share your fabulous projects!  Here, we try to KISMIF (Keep I Simple and Make It Fun--otherwise it won't get done. Ha ha!)  Thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Two New Quilt Patterns Ready For Download

Hello All!  I'm excited to share with you two more quilt patterns that are ready for download on Craftsy & Etsy.

The Spinning Pinwheel Quilt is made from a Moda Layer Cake and was first featured in FatQuarterly Issue #17.

The quilting on this project was challenging with all the fabrics' different thread colors.  Fortunately, the fabric all had a white base to it so I was able to use white thread.  I used a small scale stipple in all the blocks, regardless of piecing lines.  This was my first try with that and I really liked how it turned out.  the sashing was done using a meandering leaf vine & alternating swirls.

The "Eye Spy With My Little Eye" Quilt is made using scrap novelty fabric and was first featured in FatQuarterly Issue #16. 

This quilt was quilted using an edge-to-edge lasso pattern with free-hand 5 pointed stars to add interest.
I hope you like them and would enjoy making a quilt from one of these new patterns.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Jelly Turnover Quilt Pattern Correction

How embarrassing!   My apologies, there was one typo in the Jelly Turnover Quilt feature I wrote for Moda Bake Shop.   I typed 16 when I mean 8!  Oui!  That's what happens when you cut two strips at a time then forgot you cut 2 instead of one!  At any rate, here is the pattern correction.  You have my apologies:

The sashing section should read to take 23 jelly roll strips and sub cut them into widths of 4 1/2" inches to yield 8 rectangles per strip measuring 2 1/2" by 4 1/2". You will need 178 total (you will have 6 extra). (The pattern has 16 per strip written there which not only is impossible from a 40 inch length of fabric, but if you were to cut that many it would yield twice as many as needed.)

I hope this clarifies things for everyone making this project.  Also, I would love to see your completed projects.  Please share it with my flickr pool--a button is on my right hand side bar.

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Punky-Wunkin Quilt Part 5 & KISMIF Linky Party 26

Okay, this is our last installment of the Punky-Wunkin Quilt.  I would LOVE to see your completed quilt projects.  Some have been shown on the ConnectingThreads blog "QuiltWithUs" and I love how cute they're turning out.  Please share your fabulous projects on my "Flickr Pool Modern Tradition Quilts".

As promised, today I am sharing how I quilted my wall hanging.  I used a small scale stipple in the back-ground of the blocks then customized the pumpkins.

My initial idea was to keep stippling in the sashing so that you could only view the pumpkins and leaves....but....several years ago I came up with this cute free-motion-quilt (FMQ) pumpkin and decided to customize the sashes.

To view a tutorial of the FMQ threadpath used to create the oak leaves, click HERE or visit the KISMIF Archive of Free-Motion Quilting Page on the navbar above. to FMQ those little pumpkins.  Give it a whirl, you'll be glad you did.  They are deceptively easy but look complicated--Keep It Simple And Make It Fun (KISMIF)!

Oh boy, here we go again, it's easier for me to FMQ these than to draw them out on the computer!  Oh well, you get the idea.
Thanks for participating in this year's quilt-a-long.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I am grateful for all of your positive compliments.  They have kept me going in a very discouraging part of my personal life.  I appreciate your support.  Sometimes I think I might give-up writing all of this, but readers and comments make it worth-while.

Here is another way I made the FMQ pumpkin.  Instead of adding leaves, a fun vine-swirl looks great and it is a cute thread-path to use to work into another area of the quilt.

Now it's your turn, what have you worked on?  Keep It Simple & Make It Fun (KISMIF 26).