Friday, February 6, 2015

Charm Square Quilt Along Part 5 & Diamond in a Diamond Block.

Hello everyone!  It's time for the second block in our Charm Square Sampler Quilt Along.

Charm Square Sampler Quilt Along

To get fabric requirements and ideas, click HERE.

Just so you know where we're headed, I've organized this QAL according to which block I think is easiest and progresses to the most difficult (the spinning centers).  For today's entry, we are working on #4, the Diamond in a Diamond

This tutorial assumes that your half-square triangles (HSTs) are already sewn.  To sew them as you go, view the tutorial HERE.

 STEP ONE: Lay out 16 of your half-square triangle (HST) pieces.

 STEP TWO: Sew the blocks using this column orientation (as shown in the previous tutorials).  Sew rows 2 to 1, then 3 to 2, then 4 to 3.

 STEP THREE: Do not clip threads.  This will keep your squares in proper alignment. This block is the first block where we encounter different pressing in the seams.  In the past, we have simply pressed rows in opposite directions, which can work here, but it would risk pressing the "X" closed.  As you recall, this shows us where to sew when connecting rows to avoid blunt points.  To avoid this, I press my seams to show the "X".

The top row is under this, the second row.

Here is the center of the block.  Yes, the right and left side seams are going in the same direction.  This is because on the row previous to it, it needed to be pressed this way to show the "X marks the spot" to avoid blunted seams.
 STEP FOUR: X marks the spot! Pin the rows through the "X" created by your seams to the "X" of the block below it.  This shows you where to sew so the points of your block do not get blunted.  This trick will keep them sharp.  Nest seams of adjacent rows.

STEP FIVE: Sew through all three rows paying attention to the "X" spot.   Pin-matching when necessary.

 STEP SIX: Press open rows  and you are done!


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Monday, February 2, 2015

Keep It Simple Make It Fun KISMIF #38

Welcome to Keep It Simple, Make It Fun (KISMIF)!

I hope you've had another great week.

Here is my latest project, fresh off the quilt frame.  I finally quilted my Jelly Roll Baskets quilt.  It was featured on Moda Bake Shop and is available as a free download.

I chose to do an edge to edge Baptist fan on it.  I felt the traditional hand-quilting motif would add to this quilt's antique-style feel.

You're probably thinking--what a slacker!  That feature ran last November and you're finally quilting it?  Yes.  Normally, I wouldn't let a feature of mine run without quilting it, but thankfully, Moda was understanding.  They are wonderful people to work with.  We have spent the last five months of our family's lives in the moving process.  As luck would have it, the week that feature ran--turned into a "perfect storm."  We decided to build a new house  out in the country and the builder abandoned the project for 2 weeks, making them miss their self-contracted finish date (which was a breach of contract).  Then, the individual we were renting a home from up and sold it (which also was a breach of contract--and later I found out was illegal and contestable in small claims court).  Once the contractor found out that he was over on time and our family's situation, he hurried and finished our home so we had a place to go--which of course, was the week that this feature ran!  So, working out that mess--including moving on the last possible Saturday that we were not homeless, I did not get it quilted.  It is done now.

 I also completed another tutorial for our Charm Square Quilt along.  I'm not sure what this block is called historically, so I am calling it a "Square in a Broken Dish".  If you know its "real" name, could you leave me a comment so I get it right?  Thanks!
I really appreciate everyone who has joined in on this quilt-a-long.  I love all the links you have shared and all the pictures uploaded on my flickrPool.  There are a lot of great color combinations going on!

My favorite project last week was Scandi Stars by Squeeze Quilts.  Let me know what quilt pattern you would like and I will email you the PDF.

So...your turn to link up!  Thanks for participating!