Friday, September 20, 2013

Of Bean-Peans and Wubbies...

Some times a quilt is simply a "Bean-Pean" or a "Wubbie".

What is that?  My spell checker is going nuts.

While you may not recognize it's name...since those words are taken from a toddler's will recognize the quilt.  It is that precious quilt your child can't separate from.  The quilt that has traveled to both hither and yon for camping trips, grandma's house and even church!  It's the quilt your child watches in the washing machine and dry with ample anxiety when you finally steal it away from him or her...because it really is filthy from visiting the beach, sand-box or tree house.

In short, when you give your child one of these beauties--no matter what other quilting accolades you may have won--and the toddler nick-names it, you know that you have "made it" as a quilter. 

Don't laugh!  I still know where my pink "Wubbie" is and it's over 35 years old!


The truth is....most quilters I have met hope to earn the coveted "Bean-Pean" and "Wubbie" (or whatever your toddler's favorite nick-name for their blanket is) award.  Why?  They want to give their love.

Most of my machine quilting customers know when their quilt is going to have some extra-loving and do not want to pay the extra cost of expensive quilting for these quilts. 

So....I am bringing my $0.01 per square inch options so you can affordably give your portable love to your little ones.  HOWEVER, I WILL ONLY OFFER LIMITED STYLES:

  1. I will only do free-hand quilting. 
  2. The quilting motif style will be in the five-to five and a half inch range.
  3. All motifs must be through my copy-righted styles.
  4. No custom borders, just one style edge-to-edge.
Here are some photos of a recent sample.

Close-Up of Alternating Swirls Being Quilted

 Wouldn't you agree that it's perfect for your "Bean-Peans" and "Wubbies"?  I think so.

Here are some other styles that I will offer at this low price.

Close-Up of Carnation Being Quilted

Close-Up of Lasso Being Quilted

Finish It Up Fridays

Hello, I'm linking up to Friday's linky party at "Finish It Up Fridays" at

I would like to share my Moda Bake Shop feature: Anasazi Medallion Quilt.

The quilt pattern can be viewed and downloaded at:     Please leave me a comment, I'd love it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Am So Excited!


Yes!  The logo says it all!  My Anasazi Medallion Quilt is today's feature on Moda Bakeshop.  I've been working on this quilt for a while now and it is so fun to see it be published!  The directions are down-loadable at .

Here's a close-up, you'll have to visit their website for the full effect!

The quilt features the beautiful rainbow colors of the Moda marble ombre dots collection of both their jelly rolls and dessert rolls.  These were also awesome colors to work with.


In other is your quilt along coming?  Just keep working on those center blocks.  If you notice, the center block in my Anasazi Medallion quilt features the same block I've already given the instructions for.  Keep on sewing...more instructions are to follow!

Grab a button and link back!  Show off your quilt a-long projects.  I would love to see them.  Please feel free to leave a "comment" below if you're following so we can view your projects.
This is a design layout of our finished Flying to Paradise Quilt A-Long