Friday, February 20, 2015

Fabric Giveaway Time!


I have a Charm Square pack from Moda Fabrics to give away this month! It is open through March 14th, 2015 and winners will be announced that day.  It is Lulu by Chez Moi for Moda.  I love the colors in this pack, it is so cute and will make a great project.

Okay, so I am just laughing today!  I just met with a machine quilting customer and she asked me to explain how I machine quilt using my Mix 'N' Match technique by free-hand.  I don't use a computer and can get more accuracy by using rulers and other things.  How do I describe it?

Humm...machine quilting is like....cursive hand writing?

Kinda...but unless I'm doing an "e's and L's" border--then not quite so much.

Humm...machine quilting is like....being put on hold on the phone and you're bored and doodle? Yeah, it's a lot like that, but who wants to admit that you're only half-way paying attention?  LOL

So, to enter this drawing, leave me a comment answering the statement:

"Humm...machine quilting is like..._________________."  I love good humor!

Please, if you are a no-reply blogger, leave me your email address.

To get an additional entry, sign up to be a new follower and if you are already following, let me know by what service you use.  And last but not least, I finally created a Facebook page for my quilting company and you can "Like" Modern Tradition Quilts on Facebook. and leave a comment there too.

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