Friday, February 20, 2015

Charm Square Quilt Along Part 6-Diamond Block

Hello folks!  I apologize for missing last week's installment.  If you remember from the beginning, I am currently working on a Master's Degree and said the schedule was "tentative" pending on any crazy things that may come up.  A combination of a major exam and myself and my children fighting Bronchitis--well, it didn't happen.

But this week is great!  here is this week's next installment.

I changed the diamond block from the original diagram.  I like this version better.

Charm Square Sampler Quilt Along

To get fabric requirements and ideas, click HERE.

STEP ONE: Layout your HSTs.  If you look at the original quilt layout, I have rotated the four corners.  Initially they pointed in to the block and I changed my mind and made the block with them pointing out so the diamond is more visible.  Use your creative license to do this to fit your personal preference.
STEP TWO: Sew the columns together.  Sew column 2 to column then, then column 3 on to column 2 and then column 4 onto column 3.  Do not clip threads.  This trick will keep your HSTs in the proper orientation for pressing, pin-matching and later sewing the rows.
STEP THREE: Press your columns.  If you have done the previous blocks, you know that I like to look for places where the threads will cross each other to make an "X".  I call this "X marks the spot".  You can simply press seams of rows in opposite directions, but you will miss the "X".  This block is complicated and you will miss some "X".  I choose to press my seams to show as many as possible.  Even if you can't see the "X", you can look at the right side of your HSTs and see where the "X" would be.

The goal of pressing the seams is also to nest as many seams as possible.  Sometimes this doesn't work out.  In the yellow circles, the seams will not nest.  Do your best to pin-match

Purple arrows are seams to press up.  Green arrows are seams to press down.

A close-up of "X marks the spot".  Some of these will not be visible in this block.  the seams will have been pressed over.  However, you can still see where your thread "X" is and pin through that spot.
STEP FOUR: Pin match seams.
STEP FIVE: Sew rows together and press open.

Now it's your turn to share your work.  Thanks for participating!

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