Monday, April 13, 2015

Charm Square QAL Part 9

Welcome back to the Charm Square Quilt Along!  In this installment, we will work on block #8.

Charm Square Sampler Quilt Along

If you are new to this QAL, visit the old posts.  To get fabric requirements and ideas, click HERE.

Hello everyone!  I apologize for the delay on these postings. Please be patient with me and we will complete this project together.  In short, my family's life is being guided by the wisdom of a "Fortune Cookie" that my spouse got last weekend at dinner.  It said, "Anything worth having is worth a firm negotiation."  In short, our family is experiencing a major trial and I unexpectedly, do not have as much time to quilt as I would like.  However, with your patience, we will get this project done together.  Thanks!

I'm sure you don't want to hear my drama so on to block #8.  All of the blocks in the sampler are versions of what has been called a "Tippiecanoe" block.  I call this the square in a star block.

STEP ONE: Lay out all of your HSTs according to block #8 shown above.

STEP TWO: Sew the columns together.
STEP THREE: Press columns in opposite directions.  This block is not as tricky as the others.
STEP FOUR: Sew rows together pin-matching seams and looking for "X marks the spot".

STEP FIVE: Press rows open and enjoy!

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