Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Running A Machine Quilting Business Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Running a machine quilting business isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Okay, long title for a weird post.  Usually you get design ideas from my blog.  This will be a very candid post, and I'm not normally personal on my blog.  However, when I first started writing this blog, it's purpose was to educate my customers as to my policies and costs of machine quilting...then I posted a quilt design to attract returning customers, and voila, I suddenly became a quilt designer.

Crazy turn of events.

Shared from "Sprout Social Photos"

I've juggled a machine quilting business while raising my 4 children for 5 years now.  At first it was fun and a great way to get some experience on my long-arm machine. 

After a while, it became annoying--none of my customers could understand my policies (or visit my blog to pre-read what they were_  and want custom work (which is what I am known for) at edge to edge prices.  It doesn't matter to them if it takes 3 times as long, it's just the "cost".

The costs of batting and thread continue to rise...but folks don't want to compensate you for your overhead--or the time to load the quilt, or so and so down the street is having a sale, why don't you?  It is tough to break even, and since I insist on "staying in the black" I keep getting beaten by those computerized machines.

While I like the extra income, I am tired and I am finally ready to admit that I am ready to move on. It's not worth the time involved.

I'll keep blogging and designing quilt patterns, but I think it is finally time for me to bow-out of the machine quilting for customers race.  I just don't have the drive for it anymore.

I hope to use this extra time to enjoy more things as a family.  Here are some things we like to do.

Hiking the trail to Silver Lake.

I need to practice!   Maybe I can make it out of the 8 year old recital class.

More hiking.

Working the horses (I know she's sitting on a pony).

So cute!   Of course I want to spend more time with this princess & her 3 older brothers.
I'm grateful for families.  Aren't you?  I do my best to spend time with them, but I think I can do better.

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