Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Machine Quilting Catalog

Hello All!

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated this blog.  It's been busy with a lot of customer quilt tops and my kiddos being very busy this summer with music and swimming lessons.

However, I did get something productive done.  Here is a link for my 2013 Machine Quilting Catalog.  Since most of my customers prefer my semi-custom quilting and I desire to keep my overhead low (and pass the savings on to my customers), I've decided to ditch the whole Pantograph part of my business.  Sorry, no more pantographs, but I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for using my free-hand techniques combined with Plop'N'Drops.

Here is the link to my new catalog:

Additionally, it can also be downloaded on the "catalog" tab above.

Here's some photos of this summer's top customer's quilts.  Enjoy the show!

This is a curved-piecing B.O.M. where the curves were sewn as pockets and peeled back.  She didn't want the quilting to cover the 3-D effect.

Here is a fancy quilt done with hand embroidery.  The lady wanted no quilting to cross over the hand embroidery and as it was a gift for her LDS missionary, she wanted some features that reflected that.  The custom borders read The Book of Mormon and The Bible with a Grandma Loves... inscription.  Since this YW is a dancer at BYU, she also wanted ballet flats.  It was a challenging piece but turned out.

It's about time I snuck in one of my tops into my quilting schedule!  I finally finished quilting one of my two "Corner Stars" quilt tops for the "Twin Sisters" free quilt pattern download (Page/tab above).  I chose to use stippling in the background--basic, I know as I wanted it to set off the pounce-pad/stencil marked bump-back feather wreaths I quilted in the open areas.

Being removed from the quilting frame--favorite time of the day!  :)
Close-up of the stencil marked wreath.
Close-up of the borders.  The inner border I quilted alternating swirls while the outer border I used longarm feathers in the oscillating lines of the Amy Butler "Soul Blossoms" fabric.

Last quilt to showcase, but not least!  I loved the colors the most.  You know your quilting looks good when you dare to showcase the back-side of the quilt first!  :)  I love good-looking back-sides (of quilts)!

Back-side. I used free-motion techniques driven off the seam lines to mimic the piecing of the pinwheel blocks on the front.
The same section of quilt shown on the front.  Now you can see how the feathers and swirls fit into the piecing.

The over-all quilt.  The white areas features long-arm feathers.

Specialty borders--you can see the alternating swirls and the leaf borders.  Unfortunately, the black does not show the wedding date dedication.

Well, that's all for now!

Happy Quilting!

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