Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seasonal Pantograph Quilting


This month is October and my studio has quilted a lot of Halloween quilts.  They are so much fun.  One customer, Bev B. asked, "Can you put spiders on my quilt?"  I said "Sure"--posititve that I could find a pantograph with the thread paths already available. 

After checking all of my usual sources, I could not find any pantographs with spiders...so I played around for half an hour or so....and ta da!  Not only did I figure out how to create pantographs into PDF files, but I also created a custom one for this customer--Pumpkins and Spiders.   Her quilt was darling with this done edge-to-edge.

Bev B.'s Quilt Top

Her Quilt Back

Pumpkins and spiders Pantograph

Spiders in the Spider Web!

This is how the Pantograph looked all over the quilt top squares.

This is how the pantograph looked up close in the back's borders.

Because I now can create custom pantographs, if a customer chooses to use one I created, I will not charge the $5.00 royalty fee because I'm the author!