Monday, April 4, 2016

Who Knew?

So...what am I going to try that is "NEW" this month?  I am going to load a hand-sewn Mother's Flower Garden quilt top on my frame and quilt it.  I'm a little worried because the antique hand-sewn seams are frayed.  In the long run, machine quilting it will be a good idea, but if I stretch it too tightly on the could be drama.  I am sharing this blog post over at the Pink Doxies Brave Quilter link party.


Who knew?

Not me!

Apparently Michael Miller Fabrics has a new fabric line out called Melodies.  Without telling me, they decided to use the my Ohio Star Burst Pattern to showcase the fabrics.

That is great, but shouldn't they tell someone .. me...the author?  Where did they find my pattern?  After all, this is such a small blog.  I can't even afford to buy Michael Miller Fabrics.  LOL  I am flattered that they like the pattern and chose to promote it, just taken aback.  What a surprise.

Well, here is their version:  (It's a good thing I found it on Google Images or I NEVER would have known). is my version...

I designed my Diamond quilt at the same I added it for pictures too.  My husband loved this one, and it is still on our bed.

Well, have a nice day!

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