Monday, April 25, 2016

Edge to Edge Quilting


Well, I did it!  I chose to put my family first and my teaching career on hold.  I was offered a pretty fancy teaching position then decided that my children still needed their mommy at home.

After studying my church's teachings on how important it is to be a mom, I left the teaching profession.  When the doors of the high school I teach at close in June, I will be out of work.

That means...

I have time to quilt!

I decided to do free-hand edge-to-edge only (for now, perhaps adding Pantographs and Mix'N'Match later).  My services begin at $0.015 per square inch.  If you need mail-order, it is a $30.00 return postage.  Also, my minimum charge is $30.00 (for wall hangings and et. cetera.)

I also have a Facebook page where I can be easily contacted for quilt scheduling.

Modern Tradition Quilts on Facebook

Here are some photos...

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