Monday, January 19, 2015

Beginning to Catch Up

Sometimes we just get behind.  I am finally getting some of my own quilt projects completed.

How many of you remember the Punky-Wunkin Quilt Along from last September?  I finally got around to quilting my full-sized quilt top.  I purchased a pantograph from UrbanElementz to do it.  Usually, I'm not much of a pantograph fan, but I like the cute-factor it adds when I don't want to take forever to get a project done.  I came up with a new rule for me--when doing pantograph work.  Just quilt it!  Then....wait 48 hours before you look at your stitching.  That way you forget where all those little bobbles are and it looks great.

My Punky-Wunking full size top is finally quilted.

48-hour rule:  I'm not allowed to look at my pantograph quilting for 48 hours after it is sewn--that way I forget where any little bobbles may have gone.
I also challenged myself to push my quilting to a new level on my latest design.  Nope, I can't show it all to you yet, but I do have permission from the publisher of Make Modern Magazine to show you snippets of the quilting.  This project will be featured in their next issue--Issue 4 of their magazine.  I am so excited!

I pushed my skills to a new level on this project by pre-marking a lot of ruler work--including curved cross-hatching, curved borders, straight-line ruler work for piano keys borders, feathers, and micro-stitched swirls.  My husband was so proud of it he said, "That one is going on the wall!"  He's never let me hang a quilt in the house before (not enough wall space I suppose) and's hanging up on the wall, like an old castle tapestry.  It's worth the time (if I have it) to go this extra mile.  This quilt took 4 times as long as it would have if I had done mere pantograph work.
This is my first time using my ellipse arc ruler.  I really liked it.  It gave great definition and separation between the piano keys border and the feathers.
Awesome photo of the back--ha ha!

I used Rhonda's Rulers to create curved cross-hatching.  They work great.  I really like their 1/4" and 1/2" increment markings.
Here's another sneak peak....more to come (yes, it's another "Nordic" style).

I hope you're enjoying the QAL, more information to come on Saturday.  I've decided to do KISMIF twice a month.  Weekly wasn't getting enough participation.  Take care!

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