One & 1/2 Cent Per Square Inch Catalog

My one-cent per square inch is for those quilts that, "just need to get done."  They don't require anything special and are generally quilts meant to be used and loved as a gift.  These styles are not for quilt shows.  For $0.01 the following rules apply:
  1. I will only do free-hand quilting from the list here. 
  2. The quilting motif style will be in the five-to five and a half inch range.
  3. All motifs must be through my personal copy-righted styles with no regard for motif placement.
  4. No custom borders, just one style edge-to-edge.
  5. The styles available are ONLY on this list.  For a full list of services, download my Catalog on the "Catalog" page tab.
  6. Please read all information on the "Catalog" page tab.
Here are some photos of a recent sample.

Close-Up of Alternating Swirls Being Quilted

 Here are some other styles that I will offer at this low price.

Photo of the Daisy pattern quilted.

Close-Up of Edge to Edge Carnation Motif Quilted

Close-Up of Edge to Edge Lasso Quilted