Okay, my customers talked me into continuing my machine quilting business as apparently they love my Mix 'N' Match technique and think it is better than the local computerized quilters.  However, my current turn around time is 4-6 weeks (often, it will be completed more quickly but no promises).  If you need machine quilting  done on a specific week, that time frame can be reserved with a one month-ahead notice.  It will require a $20.00 deposit.  Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!  I'm glad you like my free-hand style machine quilting.

This link is a down-loadable PDF file of my current catalog.
Dowload Catalog Here

Currently, hand-guided Mix 'N Match quilting costs $0.015 per square inch for one design only and includes one fancy border.  Edge-to Edge can be requested and costs less, but most customers who want this option go to a computerized quilter and do not require my style of services.

Thread is included in quilting purchase.  I use Signature brand, 100% long-staple cotton in all of my quiting projects.  I do not accept thread from customers, to ensure excellent thread quality, and that the correct weight of thread runs though my machine (40 wt.).  I have found this thread to be beautifully colored and expertly color-fast.  For machine-quilted projects, it is simply the best thread available on the market. 

Current batting costs:  I currently supply only pre-packaged Fairfield 80/20 or Fairfield 100% cotton to my customers.
  • King: $30.00
  • Queen: $25.00
  • Full: $25.00
  • Twin: $20.00
  • Baby: $15.00

Other Fees:

· A minimum $25.00 fee per quilt due to the time required to load it. Sorry, no exceptions. 

· I charge $15.00 for EACH backing seam.

·Borders may be added to a quilt top at the cost of $32.00 per round ($8.00 per side). Professionally quilted borders are cut from the length-wise grain (running parallel to the selvage) and are not pieced. This means that the fabric brought in to be added to the quilt top must be as long as the total length of the inner quilt top section.

My Policies:  The "fine print".

·All backing must be 4 inches (total) larger than the quilt top (two inches on each side all around).If it is not larger, I may choose not to quilt your order.

· For quilts using 6 to 8 ounce Bonded polyester battings, quilting begins at $0.015 per square inch—no exceptions! To produce excellent stitch quality, slower quilting speeds are required to penetrate the thickness and prevent skipped stitches.

· If using Minky as the backing-fabric, I will only quilt through the most thin fabric available.

· As always, no quilting through Denim.

· I retain artistic license for my quilting motifs. I will contact you if a change is to your order is needed (i.e. seams are pulling apart).

· Custom quilting is an art and costs more… Sorry, no exceptions.

Thank you for your Patronage!

Shannon Mower, and Modern Traditions Quilting.

(801) 963-8314