Wednesday, June 1, 2016

You Know You Are In Trouble When Your Husband Says This!

You know you are in trouble when your husband comes home and says, "So...I was on Pinterest you know how to sew a placket?"

Me: "Ummm...yes, why?"

Sure enough, yes he had another project for me to try.  It all began three weeks ago when he had a staff meeting at work and the ladies recommended advertising using Pinterest.  He asked the the staff, "What is that?"  The ladies told him to "Go home and ask your wife what it is."  So... he did -- and liked it.  So far, he has made more projects that I have pinned from it than I ever have!  Watch out ladies, the men are invading our world!  (Just kidding, I guess men can use Pinterest too.)

At any rate, with all the business of finishing the master's degree, quitting my job as a school teacher, cleaning out the classroom and doing the high school's graduation, I did not have time to sew my now 14-year-old a Pioneer Trek shirt this week.  Thankfully, my husband had noticed this and used Pinterest to find a quick tutorial (as I had borrowed all 7 of my Mom's historical patterns and stressed my 14 year old out choosing a shirt -- and hadn't gone shopping for fabric yet -- they leave tomorrow morning).  The tutorial and link he found was from Home Delicious Blog.  

Their tutorial is great, you simply take a men's woven shirt, remove the collar, sew the center closed and seam a placket.  Done!  I can do it -- and yes, it only took me 15 minutes per shirt.  The only change was that the 12 inch measure down from the collar, length of placket looked too long on my son so I shortened it to 10 inches.  Great tutorial!  Check it out!

I am excited for him to go on Pioneer Trek this year, but somewhat bummed out.  It is the first time in the history of our marriage that neither my husband nor I were needed/invited to go and serve.  I guess we've been spoiled in the past.  They hinted that our horses could go...but our big thoroughbred hit his head in the trailer and won't load.  So... this year wasn't meant to be...we'll see what happens in 4 more years.  I hope our buddy can handle it without us.  Okay, I'm sure he can...I'm just a mom.  He's stronger than most...he plays football and basketball....he'll be fine.  I'm just a Mom....and that's what we do....worry.  It is amazing how the Holy Ghost can teach the youth exactly, precisely and individually what they need to learn on these types of trips.
My son's two Pioneer Trek Shirts.

Thankfully, he let me take a picture of him in his Pioneer Trek shirt.

A close-up of the dress shirt turned into a Pioneer shirt by creating a simple Placket and removing the collar.  Genius idea!

Yep, no kidding!  I really did graduate (this is my Regalia), and my administration asked me to wear them as a teacher for the High School's graduation.  It was a fun day.  I laughed at all of the Senior pranks.  They slept overnight in the parking lot, put a  trampoline on the gym roof, put "Class of 2016" business cards in every classroom, dumped from the veranda a lot of Ping Pong balls into the lunchroom, handed the Principal marbles as they walked, handed the school board more "Class of 2016" business cards as they walked, inflated two beach balls, and one inflatable Shark!  It was very entertaining -- and very satisfying to see your students graduate school.

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