Friday, March 20, 2015

Winner of the Charm Square Give Away!

Hi folks!

You are so too funny!  You comments to answer the question "Machine quilting is like..." are hilarious!

Some of my favorite quotes from you are:

Shauna Trueblood said, "hummm....machine quilting is like....driving a remote controlled car through a maze."
Lori Konarske said, "It's like eating potato chips, you can't stop at just one."
Eileen Emerson said, "Machine quilting is like a thump in the night.  Dreaded and worrisome until you check it out (aka: Do it) and then you realize there's nothing to it.  Now why did I ever put it off?" 
Brenda Hulsey said, "Humm...machine quilting is like trying to catch a greased pig!"
Carie Space said, "Like wrangling a small child into a sweater that they're on the verge of growing out of!"

Lori M said, "Am just learning to   But I will fill in the blank with  learning to parallel park a big car!!!   I know I am a big chicken! lol"
Nakeytoes Living said, "...wrestling an octopus. :) Since I'm just learning, that's how I feel some days. :)"

And there were many, many more entertaining answers.  I'm going to have to find another funny quilting related fill in the blank giveaway again.  Thanks for the laughs, folks!

I used a random number generator to find our winner.

And...the lucky number is....

43!  TheGranChris who said, "machine quilting is like doodling in school. You just need to go to another place in your head."

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