Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I know many of you love Moda Bake Shop--as I do and I would like to share that my Jelly Turnover Quilt was ranked this year!  It is Number 6!  Check it out!  How exciting!

My little girl just saw this image and said, "I like all those quilts!"  So, inspired  by the collage, I decided to make a collage of quilt patterns I wrote this year.  Thanks to PicMonkey--an online free photo editor--so I could make this collage.  Some of these quilts I don't even have anymore.  They were either gifted or sold.

Eye-Spy and Spinning Pinwheel Quilts

Diamond Jubilee and Ohio Starburst Layer Cake and Charm Square quilts (done in both sizes).

That's a pretty good list--10 quilts done.  They don't include 4 more I pieced this year but haven't quilted yet (one I can't show you yet due to an upcoming article).  Pretty good!  Perhaps my New Year's Resolution should be to quilt the top I have left to do.

So...what is your favorite style of quilt?  What would you like to see me design in 2015?

Have a great New Year!

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