Monday, August 18, 2014

KISMIF 21-Yep, I'm still here!

Well, all of you followers out there may have noticed that my weekly linky party was missing in action for the past three weeks.  Thankfully, my hand did not get broken --like last summer when I went M.I.A.  This year, we moved.  Shocking--especially to me!  We decided to list our home for sale and it sold in 3 days...then we decided to build on some land suited for we're living in a rental for now.  Crazy!

So, while I may have been missing in some of the action, my quilts haven't!  Thankfully!  Did any of you make it to Portland, Oregon's Show, "Quilt! Stitch! Knit!" and visit the Moda Bake Shop booth or visit their trunk show?  I'm honored to say that they chose to showcase my "Jelly Turnover" quilt.  Pretty exciting!

And yes, I am still creating new designs--but I can't show my work to you just yet...but I am very excited.  You'll just have to come back to see my newest designs.  I'm honored to work with some new fabric and some new all is quiet until they publish the work.

In other news, I finally took a "head-shot".  I've been dreading taking this photo for quite some time now as I never like how my pictures turn out.  Oh well, I had too many requests from publishers for an official photo of I gave in.  Then I had to write a bio too!  If you know me, you know I really dislike writing anything personal about this is a major break-through to have all that information and a picture too, on my side-bar.  Oh well!

Well, I don't have any quilting to show you, but I can show our family's latest project.   We bought a vintage horse trailer, we'll need it as we're moving from the suburbs to a rural area.  My husband jokingly named it "Big Red" after the "Secretariat"--and no, a Triple Crown horse could not fit in it.  My son's name won out...they're calling it "The Rust Bucket" because we spent Saturday sanding it down and prepping it for a new layer of automotive paint.  We haven't painted it here's it's current picture.

Unfortunately, my new internet speed in this rural area is horribly slow.  Even the simple bitmap images I use to create the FMQ thread-paths are not loading nicely.

So...for my personal sanity, I'll do a FMQ (free-motion quilting) thread-path once a month now, instead of once a week.

This diagram is how I like to quilt saw-tooth borders.  Continuous curve on the horizontal & vertical lines, ditching the sashing and curves on the diagonals.  The curves really are "cheaters"--it's hard to continuous curve on the diagonals so I stabilize the seam with a swirl.  Beautiful!  KISMIF!
Now it's your turn to share your link!  What have you been up to?  I'll visit you and leave you a comment so be sure to leave me and everyone else a comment too.  Thanks for playing!

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