Thursday, November 14, 2013


Thanks to the photo editor PicMonkey, my fabulous friday finish is a blog button!  Finally! Here are multiple attempts at getting this right...I'll create a new post once I'm done. This is just so I can recall all the steps I took, which code worked and what didn't.

This was tricky, so grab my button!

Tips: I learned that if it still gives you grief, change all the copy and pasted quote marks "" one by one starting at the beginning of the code to the same "" and suddenly it works. I have no idea why. Getting the image to show up was the worst part. I put the photo in Photobucket and it will automatically generate a code blog button for you but it sends it to photobucket and not your home blog. Hummm...
 photo BlogButton_zps6185a816.jpg is the easiest way to do this. Upload your blog button picture in Photobucket and click on the "Get Links" copy (it's a right click in Photobucket) and select the third option--the HTML for blogs/craigslist and etc. Put this into the HTML part of your blog post. Then, change the '[a href="TO YOUR BLOG ADDRESS"' leaving the rest along and the picture will actually appear. add the text box part which is what I did correctly first! After that add the [textarea] box--code is posted all over the internet. What a mess !
 photo BlogButton_zps6185a816.jpg
 photo BlogButton_zps6185a816.jpg

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