Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Little Spring Cleaning

It's time to connect up for another Work In Progress Wednesday with http://teamquiltsy.blogspot.com/ and www.freshlypieced.com.

Here's my "Spring Cleaning" bucket list to complete this week:

  • NO MORE "HOMELESS" BLOCKS!  Whenever I sew a rotary-pieced quilt I always end up with leftover quilt blocks, so I decided to wrangle these leftovers into a sampler quilt. It's almost done and I'll get it quilted soon.  I plan on quilting bump-back feather wreaths in the open blocks in the setting.

  • LOOK UP!  I STARTED A "FREEBIES" PAGE.  From time to time I create a pattern and list it for it only to get lost in the blog post feed, so I started this page where the post link and any down-loadable PDF file link are available.  Immediate access to free quilting projects!

  • IT'S ABOUT TIME I POSTED THIS NEW FREE PATTERN:  Many, umm, way too many years ago when my two older sons were little boys, a friend of mine brought over a tattered, small toddler-sized apron that she purchased from a thrift store.  It was obviously hand-made and beginning to fall apart.  She asked me to repair the bias-tape (as the entire apron was outlined with it).  She allowed me to trace the pattern off of it and since that time I have made several for my children--which they have put to good use.  (Notice the paint [I typoed "pain"] stains on my daughter's!)  This is one of those great Mommy and Grandma projects that everyone seems to create yet no one can find the pattern.  So....for you...here is the PDF version of the pattern pieces I traced.  It prints off on two papers, so tape them together on the cross-hatched markings. Here is the link for the PDF with complete instructions.
         I should probably tell you why I named it "Cookie Make Umms Apron".  Truthfully, my children named it.  Whenever I made cookies they instantly transformed into self-titled "Cookie Makers" but substituted "ers" with "umms".  It makes sense, cookies are "Ummm" to the taste--hence the name of the pattern.  .

Two fat quarters: one for the front and one for the lining.
1 Package of Wide Double-Fold Bias Tape or 3 Yds. Ribbon for the neck hole (wups, I wrote heck hole, I'm tired, gotta watch out for those) and ties.
Print out and tape the PDF Pattern Pieces.
Pin the pattern pieces to the two fat quarters and cut out on lines.
Cut bias tape into three segments 15 inches long.
Sew the bias tape opening closed (this is skipped if using ribbon).
Pin two lengths of bias tape to the inner arm hole corner.
Pin the one bias tape into a loop to both sides of the neck opening.
With bias tape inside, align both fat quarter pieces with right sides facing.
Leave an opening at the bottom to turn right-sides out.
Sew around all edges except this opening.
Turn the apron right-sides out.
Whip stitch or top stitch the turning hole closed.
Voila!  Cheap, fast and simple aprons.  Enjoy!

  • MY LITTLE GIRL KEEPS TELLING ME HER DOLLIES NEED MORE DRESSES:  Now, if we'd get her room cleaned, she would find a wardrobe of doll dresses.  However, it's not cleaned and sometimes it's just faster to sew her doll a new dress.  Besides, she is way too cute sitting on my lap, feeding the fabric through my sewing machine.  She loves going "fabric shopping" in my stash.  So...here's the doll dresses we made yesterday instead of "cleaning".  It still counts--we used up our leftovers and got some un-finished business done!

  • I DECIDED TO PART WITH SOME LOVELY FABRIC PANELS (Sigh).  For some reason, I purchased some fabric panels to create wall-hangings from.  (Maybe that reason is that I'm an insane quilter.)  At any rate...I never bought only "one"--at least two.  After separating the panels for my home décor, I decided to sell the extra panels on my Etsy shop.  They are listed if you care to visit it.

  • ALL MY OTHER SPRING CLEANING IS WASHING DOWN THE HOUSE--no fun there, so this ends my post!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Your homeless blocks quilt turned out nice! Great way to use them up!


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