Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Charm-Square Give-Away!

I'm pleased to announce...our favorite thing ever!  A fabric give-away!  Moda Marmalade 5-inch Charm Square Package!

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A customer of mine, C. Devenish created this quilt top and asked me to quilt it for her.  It was a QBOM of peeled-back patchwork from our nearby quilt shop.  She gave me permission to show you photos of her finished quilt and how I quilted it.  The pattern they used had an aquatic theme to it so she wanted the quilting to mimic it.  She chose to use a watermark edge to edge design in the background of the pieced squares, but not in the colored batik patches.  The piece work was three-dimensional and she wanted the 3-D effect to be maintained (for obvious reasons).  The sashing was to be ditched and have a kelp in the ocean look to it.  We were both pleased with how it turned out.  As most of my repeat customers do, she gave me "artistic license" to go with the flow of what hits me--which always results in new motifs.  Some of these new motifs were used in the center of the blocks to echo the kelp border.  I hope you like the pictures!  :)

The over-all finished quilt.

I love this block!  The swirl motif in its black center was a new motif for me.  It was fun to come up with that thread-path.

A close-up of the Kelp vine for the sashing.  The variegated thread she chose made everything pop.

Additionally, I finally added the sleeves to my daughter's smocked sailor dress.   I'll be adding this to the 2013 FAL. One project completed this Spring quarter (so far).




  1. That sailor dress is absolutely adorable!!

    1. Thank you, my little girl really enjoyed it. She names all of her dresses that I sew and this one was named "Temple Dress."

  2. Beautiful quilting job on the QBOM!

    1. Oh! Thank you so much, I love doing QBOMs, they have so many opportunities to mix up different machine quilting motifs.


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